The ASPV Index

Number of students at the school: 338

 Number of graduates in 2012: 23

 Number of graduates in 2011: 22

 Date in which the seniors of the class of 2012 will graduate: 06/22

 Number of seniors that have been at the school since nursery: 3

 Number of this year’s grads planning to take a gap year: 6

 Number of new teachers this year: 6

  Number of new students this year: 30

  Number of “Student Ambassador” helpers: 35

Number of selectives offered at the school: 8

Largest number of AP classes a student has taken at ASPV: 4

 Number of ASOMEX golf and tennis tournaments in which the school has participated: 8

Number of women working in the ASPV cafeteria: 5

 Population of Puerto Vallarta: 325,000

Date Puerto Vallarta became a city: 12/11/1851

Number of ASPV students who carried the flag at the Pan-American Games this year: 1

Estimated number of tourists that visit Puerto Vallarta annually: 1.5 million

Average number of daily flights in Puerto Vallarta: 450 flights weekly

Number of luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta: 25

Length of the Malecon: 1 km

Year in which Hurricane Kenna almost destroyed the city: 2002

Amount of damage to the city from Hurricane Kenna: $10 million

Number in years ASPV has been open: 25

Date ASPV started tweeting: 05/2011

Number of tweets the school has sent so far: 52... and counting.



The ASPV Index was modeled after Harper’s Index and compiled by Esteban Said with the help of the journalism class.